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  • AMS Asset Secure® GAP Insuarnce

    AMS Asset Secure® Pays-out the actual difference between your customer’s vehicle purchase cost and their motor insurance settlement, Market Value or not, and none of the usual claim reduction clauses.


    This video shows the superb hydrophobic or water repellent qualities of new Diamondbrite Ceramic Paint Protection.

  • Preparation is key in fleet and retail sectors

    SECURE VALETING GROUP has been providing vehicle preparation services to car retail, fleet and remarketing sites for over 20 years. Our experienced management teams and company directors have worked together over the years and are committed to delivering the best presented and prepared vehicles that can be retailed quickly to meet the needs of our customers. SECURE also work with ...

  • Technology + software + innovation = speed to market

    SECURE VALETING GROUP's online technology plus the superb Auto Imaging app gets your vehicle stock prepared, HD imaged with backdrops and video and uploaded to the web quickly and efficiently. The software developed by SECURE also provides management information to control costs and transparency of work allocation with a web link directly from your desktop to a touch screen in ...

  • Exciting Times Ahead

    Take a look at the latest news on Secure Valeting & our sister company, Auto Imaging!

  • Experience the proactive digital approach with SECURE

    Yes, technology has reached the valet bay! SECURE VALETING GROUP and Auto Imaging work together to manage the process of vehicle preparation, HD video, imaging – thereby increasing your speed to market stock. To find out more call: 01480 216700 Email: Visit: