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Auto Trader launches EV hub to help dealers track EV market

Auto Trader launched today a new industry EV Hub to enable retailers to keep track of the electric vehicle market,

It will include the latest used EV retail pricing data and speed of sale, as well as new and used levels of EV supply and demand.

According to Auto Trader the hub will provide retailers with the latest EV related insights and resources, ranging from dedicated webinars and guest interviews with industry experts, to step-by-step selling and stocking guides.

This includes Auto Trader’s Retailer Performance Masterclasses (RPM) modules.

Auto Trader commercial director Ian Plummer said: “The electric market is still an immature one, which means it’s not only prone to volatility and nuance but can also be challenging to navigate.

“And with the continuing defleeting of circa 750,000 EVs sold over the last three years, as well as the ongoing push from manufacturers to achieve their ZEV mandates, the market’s only set to increase.

“By providing a selection of our high-level data and insights, we hope the Hub will serve as an invaluable resource to help keep track of and respond to changes in the market, and critically, to identify the very strong pockets of profit potential as used EV demand continues its upward trajectory and prices stabilise.”


Click here to access the EV Hub can be accessed for free here https://www.autotraderinsight-blog.co.uk/ev-hub from the 8th September.

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