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Key Drop-Off and Collection Lockers

Use the affordable Keytracker intelligent locker system to securely automate the drop-off and collection lockers for any item 24/7, offering contactless operation for the ultimate out-of-hours service to keep customers and staff safe whilst boosting business potential.

KT intelligent lockers can be configured in ‘Drop-off and Collection’ mode to accommodate the smart delivery and collection of keys, entry passes, packages, parcels, laundry, and other essential items or provisions.

Available for both indoor and outdoor installation, these systems enable organisations to provide a 24/7 deposit and retrieval facility, allowing customers to access purchased goods at their convenience. They can also be loaded with essential work equipment, enabling employees or students to get the tools they need to minimise disruption to their duties and allow them to work more effectively.

Not only convenient but drop-off and collection lockers also provide a contactless, safe experience for users, providing a solution that meets the demands and concerns of modern living.

Programmed to deliver a fully automated and trackable process in real-time, these lockers help to achieve a seamless service whilst creating a wealth of other opportunities that promote organisational growth and improvement.