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Autotech Group helps garages with digital transformation

Autotech Group is tackling the growing risk of cybercrime with the launch of a new division called Autotech Connect.

The division aims to help the automotive aftermarket effectively implement technology into their businesses to improve efficiency and overcome skills gaps.

Through its new Autotech Connect division, Autotech Group has secured partnerships with hardware, software, training and IT providers to deliver technology-driven solutions for aftermarket businesses.

“Our intention is to help aftermarket businesses understand the threats and opportunities created by software-defined and connected vehicles and, through our partners, help them navigate the challenges with the aim of increasing productivity, reducing risk and exploring potential solutions,” comments Gavin White, CEO of Autotech Group (pictured).

“For many years, we have talked about the skills shortage, how aftermarket businesses are struggling to keep up with the evolving vehicle marketplace and the need for training. The industry, particularly independent businesses, is permanently on the back foot, pedalling to keep up and they are now facing further issues presented by evolving vehicle technology.”

Assisted Reality (AR) devices to support vehicle technicians is just one part of the Autotech Connect solution.

“Using AR is a tremendously exciting opportunity and, if used correctly, can help streamline processes and empower vehicle technicians as the most up-to-date technical information they need will be right in front of them. However, AR is just one small part of addressing the challenges facing the industry.

“There is a journey to undertake, and the digital foundations must be laid to allow the aftermarket to capitalise,” said White.



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