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IMI appoints Sally-Anne Hodder as new lead to drive EDI

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has appointed Sally-Anne Hodder as head of equity, diversity, inclusion & belonging. She was head of HR & business support at the IMI in her previous role.

EDI was a significant focus for Sally, including being a key stakeholder in the implementation, launch and ongoing development of the IMI’s Diversity Task Force.

“In my role leading the HR team, I gained a real insight into how important it is to have a diverse workforce.

“My work with the Task Force has reinforced this, but also highlighted that it is equally important to understand the changes we need to make to be more equitable and inclusive in the workplace to welcome and retain that more diverse workforce.

“This is important for us as an organisation as well as for the wider automotive sector,” she said.

“From a personal perspective I was only too aware of the difficulties faced by those with disabilities because my daughter is autistic and has learning disabilities herself. Together we have had to overcome numerous challenges both through the school system and now trying to find employment.

Lesley Woolley, chief operating officer at the IMI said: “Sally has shown the utmost commitment to changing cultures and improving diversity and inclusive opportunities within the IMI and the wider automotive industry. Her drive is inspirational and we are excited to see what she does next.

“Automotive employers are keen to make changes to become more inclusive, but many do not know how or where to start. Sally is already helping these businesses learn from each other’s experiences, challenges and successes. Her new role encompasses both internal and external audiences, nurturing strong links between what we are learning and implementing with the sector through the Diversity Task Force to influence positive change, as well as what we do for our own colleagues.”




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